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Rest and Stay Awhile

I’ve taken a particular interest in benches during the last several years.  I’ve found that different benches can evoke different emotions.

They can reflect their surroundings…

or they can be purely functional.

Whatever their style, they all seem to be saying…Come. Rest. And stay awhile.

Shouldn’t we be giving that message to those around us?  We live in such a fast-paced, immediate gratification society that the idea of resting or being motionless or not doing anything in particular is almost a foreign concept.  In fact there is a whole industry devoted to helping us find a way to do nothing – to learn how to relax.  I think that’s sad.

When people ask you what you did over the weekend, do you ever say, “Nothing”?  And if you do, are you flooded with guilt?  Or do you get odd looks from others?  Or do you receive my favorite response – “Gosh, I wish I could afford to do nothing all weekend”?

It used to be that we set aside time either on the weekend, or at the very least during our vacation, to do nothing.  We could read a book that didn’t have anything to do with our job or self-improvement– or not.  We could take a walk without calculating the calories burned or the heart rate achieved – or not.  We could play with our kids without worrying if they were learning something from the experience – or not (because they were busy doing nothing).

Find a bench soon.  Rest.  And stay awhile.

Here are some of the benches I’ve come across in my travels…



2 comments on “Rest and Stay Awhile

  1. Mary Meyer
    June 18, 2012

    I am longing to visit some of these benches and stay awhile! (Always with a book!)

  2. narnee1127
    June 22, 2012

    This is delightful and reminds me of my dear rabbi’s teachings on why a “day of rest” is so important…Margaret

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