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Marking the End

Marking the end of one phase of our lives as we enter another phase is important. My new friend, Susan Hessel, highlights this beautifully in her last post on Pinky Pie, which she started after she learned she had breast cancer. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did…and will not only follow Midwestern Mom’s Musings (by me) but Lessons From Life (by Susan).

Pinky Pie

Is this the swan song for Pinky Pie? I hope so and it all came about because of a broken pink mug.

My daughter called me to tell me a story about the mug, which she bought in La Crosse  the day they brought me home from the hospital. She drank coffee from it every day at work. When she moved from one  school district to another last year, she said it was the most important thing to take with her.

This pink breast cancer mug was almost like a talisman against evil–which in this case would be cancer coming back. If she stopped drinking from it, would  my cancer come back?

This morning she told me that she was  profoundly sad to see it absolutely unfixable after she dropped it.

She searched unsuccessfully for an exact replacement but could not find one. It was then when our rabbi in…

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