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A Rose is A Rose, But Please Spell My Name Correctly

I couldn’t figure out why they were having trouble finding the merchandise my son had asked the store to hold up front for us while we finished college shopping.  After providing a detailed description of the item and assuring them that it had been left with them, they finally brought it to the cash register.  I paid for everything and we loaded the van.

I then took a look at the Hold Slip they had used to mark our merchandise.  That’s when I realized why they had a hard time finding it.  Ben said that after giving the woman in the hold section our last name and receiving a confused look from her, he did what all of us in the family do – he spelled out our last name very slowly.

Our last name is: Reznikov.

This is the slip that was attached to our merchandise:
Having never possessed a simple last name like Smith, Jones, Black or Moss, I have spent my entire life spelling my last name to other people.  It doesn’t matter whether I’m in a store, at the doctor’s office, checking into a hotel, or verifying my registration at a seminar – I give my name and then I spell my name and wait to see what it looks like this time.  It has almost become a contest:  Change That Name!

My maiden name was Kasper.  That is a “K” at the beginning of the name, not a “C” or a “J.”  Several years ago, a hotel clerk was having trouble finding my reservation.  I had a very strong feeling that someone had misspelled my name when it was entered into the system (this was before online reservations – yes, in the stone age).  I spelled my last name for her…twice.  She responded by asking, “Are you sure?”

“Seriously?” I thought.  “Maybe I needed to call my mom and verify it but after 30+ years I thought I knew how to spell it correctly.”  I thought it, but I didn’t say it (as much as I wanted to).

Now spelling a last name correctly might not seem like a big deal to many people, but having been the victim of so many misspellings over the years it means something to me.  To me it means you are paying attention and that the details matter.  That I matter.

Shakespeare felt a rose was still a rose no matter what you called it, but the TSA sure wouldn’t have let me on a plane with that Hold Slip as my ID.


One comment on “A Rose is A Rose, But Please Spell My Name Correctly

  1. Mary Meyer
    July 18, 2012

    The amazing thing is, Kathy, that even when you are a Meyer, and there are lots of those in the phone book, you still have to spell your name! There are so many variations. But even Meyer is easier to spell then Rezni—Whatever!!!

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