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The Beauty is in the Details

One of my favorite things to do is to take a walk in a garden or field or forest, and try to capture the beauty I see.  In some cases it’s very easy.  Just point and shoot and you have a lovely picture.

What I have started to experiment with is getting closer to what I’m viewing.  The close up view gives you an entirely different perspective.  The full shot shows a nice pattern:

But a closer view shows details I initially missed:  

When you are developing and executing a business plan or event, the saying I’ve heard throughout the years says “the devil is in the details.”  After beginning this close-up project, I’ve become aware that “the beauty is in the details” and we need to stop and appreciate more than just the general view.

It’s the same with people.  The general view of someone is often a misleading view of that person.  But getting to know them better gives you a chance to see the details.

  • The woman who walked past you at church without acknowledging you may be seen as stuck-up or superior.  The details you don’t see – she is worried about her teenager who has been lashing out and withdrawing from the world.
  • The man who cuts you off on the road may be seen as rude or abrasive.  The details you don’t see – he’s on his way to the hospital where his wife has been admitted with a heart attack.

So take a little time to check out the details before you decide a general or first impression is the whole truth.  You may be surprised as to what you learn.


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