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The Countdown Is On

In just over 24 hours we should know the answer to many election questions.  Who will be the next president?  Who will be representing us in Washington, DC and in our individual states?  Will those robocalls ever stop?

When I was working as a journalist I could not share my political viewpoints nor take “sides” on the stories I covered.   As a spokesperson for various companies, it was inappropriate for me to take public stances on controversial issues.  Both of these situations were just fine with me.

While I love to discuss ideas, events, concepts and issues with people to increase my knowledge base, I don’t like getting involved in “either – or” conversations.  You know those conversations:  “Either you agree with me and my position, or you are wrong.”

Whatever happened to discussions where people could exchange viewpoints without it becoming confrontational?  Read anything online from a Facebook posting to a newspaper article and, more often than not, if it has more than a few comments you will find someone finding fault with the situation and blaming one political party or political figure for it.

I’ve spent more time hitting the mute button on my remote to stop hearing the political attacks.  Lately, it became worse when opposing sides run commercials back to back.  I’ve also spent more effort than I’d like answering the phone, only to hang up after only hearing two or three words…of yet another robocall.  [Yes, I’m probably the last person to not have Caller ID, but that’s a whole different post.]

Here’s a concept:  How about having a reason-based conversation with someone where each person treated the other with respect?  Where the point of the conversation wasn’t to “win” but to “inform” without criticizing.  While most people would still hold the same positions they held before the conversation, at the very least they would have a better understanding of another perspective.  And doesn’t an increased understanding of others increase our ability to work together more effectively?

Tomorrow I will go and vote.  And I will continue to keep my vote to myself because I really like my friends and family.


One comment on “The Countdown Is On

  1. Ken
    November 13, 2012

    Well said. I wish there had been more civility. I’m glad it’s over for now.

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