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The Stones Are Laughing

Several months ago, I caught part of an interview on my local NPR station.  I spent time trying to find the exact quote because it struck me as such a profound insight into perspective.

Well, I finally found it:Rock Line

“I wake up at 5:00 every morning of my life. I live in a small desert town in the south of Israel in the Negev desert. I begin my day by taking a brisk 40 minute walk in the desert which helps me knock everything into proportion. When I come back home and switch on the radio and I hear politicians using words such as never, forever, or for eternity I know the stones out in the desert are laughing at them.”

~ Amos Oz, Israeli writer, during interview with
reporter Marco Werman for
Public Radio International’s THE WORLD

Good and bad things happen to us.  Some things happen because of what we have done.  Other things happen because of what others have done.  And there are the things that happen that we have no control over and no one to blame.  All of these things mean something significant at the time.

The key is determining how important and long-reaching the event really is so we can react appropriately.

Students often feel a bad grade on a report card is a catastrophe.  The end of a relationship is usually seen as something worthy of the world ending.  As adults, we know better, but we need to be sensitive to their perspectives.  While teens feel they are invincible, they also have a very short view of the world.  We need to help them understand that while these things are painful, they will get through it.

Being bullied, losing a job, the death of someone you love – these are more serious situations, but they are survivable.  I Weathered Stonewas shocked when I heard the British nurse who fell victim to the Australian radio hosts’ prank had committed suicide.  How sad that she couldn’t see beyond the immediate situation.  Believe it or not, I also feel bad for the radio hosts.  I’m sure they never intended for their very bad idea of a prank to result in someone’s death.

We all need to look beyond the immediate.  Death is the only final action.  The rest is survivable.  We just need to take the time to see if the stones are laughing at our declaration that whatever has happened is “the end of the world” or that we’ll never get over it.

When we find ourselves saying these things, we need to reach out.  Call or send a message to a friend or family member.  Go to a Web site where a group specializes in whatever you are facing.  Ask for help.

No matter how alone you feel, and how much you believe that no one will understand, there is someone out there who can help.  And if the first person or group doesn’t help at all or as much as you need, keep reaching out.  You are not alone.  Someone else understands.  Someone else has been through this very bad thing and survived.  And you can, too.

You can get through this…and join the stones in their laughter.Stone in Sand


2 comments on “The Stones Are Laughing

  1. Jill Gainer
    December 12, 2012

    I like your observation that death is the only final action and that everything else is survivable. How sad that some can’t see hope and love.

  2. Ken
    December 17, 2012

    Excellent perspective!

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