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Good Year Jar

So I found this posting on my Facebook news feed this week:

Good Year Notes

While the posted was shared by a friend from a person listed as Sian Zumba, unfortunately I wasn’t able to determine exactly where it came from initially. [If anyone an determine this posting’s origin, I would appreciate knowing this to give proper credit.]

A while ago, I wrote a blog about using squares of paper to create a bowl of wonderful characteristics and traits your children possess.  After Bill’s death this year, as well as the death of other special people in my life and the lives of my friends, I think this is something I will do during 2013.

MassOfTreesI’m encouraging others to do this also.  It is so easy to look at the negative things that happen in our lives.  Or the things we regret.  It is very important to capture the good things – no matter how grand or small.  Record that successful presentation, as well as that unexpected hug from your teenager (especially if it’s in public).  Write down how great you felt on that nature walk.  Jot a note about the complement you received about how you looked or what you did.

This project is similar to a journal in the fact that nothing you record has to be shared with anyone else.  Therefore, you are the only one who has to determine if something is “good” and should be captured.

So take a few minutes today, or over the course of the next few days, to get everything you need gathered in one place.

  • Find the right container.  Make sure you don’t pick a jar that will prove to be too small, after all you will be filling this all year.  Since this is a container you will see everyday, make it something you like.  No one else has to like it or see it.
  • Make sure you have enough paper.  Paper all the same color and shape will create a solid, uniform presentation.  Different colored papers, especially in different sizes, creates a very different presentation.  Different styles of paper all together presents yet a third, very different – yet, special, presentation.
  • Put a pen, pencil or other writing instrument next to the paper and container.  You don’t want to have any excuse not to record your good thing.

Finally, make a note on your calendar to review your container’s contents at the end of 2013.  Give yourself enough time to read through the papers and reflect on each of them.

No matter how challenging your year, there will be moments of joy, happiness and contentment.  Your “good thing” may be a moment that wasn’t as bad as you thought it might be, or a time when you were peaceful in the midst of chaos.  You get to define “good thing” however you want, in whatever context is appropriate for you.

[You can also modify this project to suit your personal needs.  Do you feel more comfortable writing things down in an electronic or paper journal?  Would you rather share your positive thing with your family each night?  How about making a daily, weekly or monthly post on Facebook?  Do whatever works best for you.  And if you don’t do it for several weeks or months, don’t stress and do forgive yourself.  Just start up where you are at that moment.]


Have a very Happy New Year!  I hope you find your container overflowing at this time next year!


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