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Thoughts on Love on Valentine’s Day

As a small girl, I thought there was only the love I had forLove letters in the sand
my parents & grandparents, and the love I’d have for my husband.

After I married and had two children, I realized that my original concept of love was too limiting.  I began to understand how God can love all of us when we are all so very different.

Basilica Holy Spirit Relief

Love, in whatever form it takes, is a beautiful gift that we give and receive throughout our lives.

How has your vision and understanding of love evolved through the years?

How do you define love?

If you have kids (no matter what age), how do they define love?

Green Heart

My wish for all is that they find and understand all the love in their lives, for at the very least they have the love of their Father and Brother and Holy Spirit.

Basilica Ceiling


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