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A Hush Gives Time to Pause & Reflect

After a week of forecasting a huge winter storm for this Sunday, five days after Spring officially began, the moment we had been waiting for had finally arrived.  Would the snow actually fall and cover us with 5-10 inches as forecast, or would the storm veer North or South and miss us…again?

Around 8 a.m., the snow began to fall and an artist friend commented on Facebook, “I got my wish for one last snow. Just needed one final hush before all the activities of Spring and Summer.”

Tree Tops in SnowWhile the intensity of the falling snow has ranged from heavy to light and back to heavy again, it hasn’t stopped snowing for eight hours.   And it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop any time soon.

Since it’s a thick, wet snow, it’s building up on the branches of the trees and bushes in our yard.  The white snow on these Small Christmas Treeplants that haven’t begun to show their green leaves is stunning.  (The snow on my daffodils and crocuses, which had begun to bloom, is very sad.)Snowy Daffodils

I think God heard my friend’s wish and answered it for all of us.  Maybe He felt we needed one more day of rest, one more hush.  There has been so much happening in the last few weeks – for the first time in hundreds of years we learned that our pope was retiring (not staying in his position until his natural death, we received a new pope while millions around the world watched with great anticipation, and we’ve learned of increased fighting in countries where peace seems to only be a word and not a realistic concept.

As I’ve sat here this afternoon, reading my book, when I wasn’t watching the snowfall, and listening to the crackling of my fire, I realize I needed this hush, too.Fire on a Snow Day

Today marks seven months since Bill’s death.  As I thought it would, the rapier sharp edges of that gaping whole in my heart are slowly becoming less sharp.  I don’t miss him any less, but it’s not as painful to remember.

The tears still fall, and I’ve learned that they will always fall to some degree or another.  A very wise young woman told me, “Crying is a good thing.”  She’s so right.  That physical release is so healthy.  A friend prefaced a story she wanted to share about Bill the other day with the statement, “…but I don’t want to make you cry.”  I told her to tell the story.  I also told her that if I cried, it was OK, and to never stop sharing Bill stories because of the fear of tears.  I’d rather cry a million more tears as I relish in another wonderful story about Bill, than to never cry again, and never hear another story about my love.

Snowy Branches

So if you are joining us in this snow fall, or about to face it, or enjoying the beginning of Spring or Summer or Winter in your part of the world, please take a moment to enjoy the hush.  Take a moment and accept the gift.  Take a moment to remember those who love you and whom you love.

Growing Snow


2 comments on “A Hush Gives Time to Pause & Reflect

  1. Elizabeth Petersen
    March 24, 2013

    Hi Kathy,
    You are a fantastic writer! We did get 11 inches of snow out here in Wildwood. It’s incredibly beautiful! Just like you.

  2. sethsnap
    March 25, 2013

    Nice pictures. It was a crazy forecast. 🙂 We didn’t get as much here in the Cincinnati area as they said we were going to initially. 🙂

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