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A Wise Mother Shares Her World Openly

Among my varied jobs over the years, I have worked as a journalist and as a communications director for a pediatric hospital.  Because of those experiences, I have been exposed to a wide variety of people; people from all sorts of backgrounds, from all walks of life and with all sorts of beliefs.  And as I’ve gotten older, I realize that whether I “liked” these people or not was not the reason God brought them into my life.  He brought them into my life so I could learn and grow.

Moonstone StonesI have been very blessed to be a part of my current faith community.  During these last few years, and especially during these last few months, they have been so important in my journey forward.  And every day they teach me something.

I want to share wise words from my friend Mariana.  She shared these words with her friends today and, with her permission, I now share them with all of you.

Autism has many faces, E. is just one of them. Everyone is different even in Autism, it is a whole spectrum, no two autistic kids are the same. Families struggle with similar situations, but with many different “twists” I am as everybody knows, very open about it. Many prefer to keep it “in the family” I have even been told that I am “breaking my sons privacy” That I should let him determine if he wants to “come out” publicly. I happen to disagree, in this long journey I have found one constant: people do care, if they know. They will do their best to accommodate E’s needs and give him an extra hand; the ones that don’t, I am glad to know about it, they will serve as a lesson to all my kids. As parents we know everything is a lesson: sharing, kindness, patience….as Catholic I know everything happens according to God’s plan.

My job as E’s mom is to help him make the best of the gifts God has given him, Autism is just one of them. Together we learn about patience, love, understanding and Family.

My son’s road will be hard, and it will be difficult for him to understand that, there is no mistake about it, no hopes it will change, he is Autistic, he struggles to understand others, to feel empathy, to communicate his feelings. But he is not alone, right now he has a Family that knows and understands him, accepts and loves him just the way he is. Later on in life, my hope is, that if I am open enough about his struggle, if I can make other “typical” people understand him and accept him and the many that are like him, then he will truly have a chance for a happy life, in a better world.

Sun & Trees on the PointUntil recently, I did not realize that her son was autistic.  I always saw a sweet boy who had a lot of energy.  Knowing his challenges helps me to be understanding of his actions and grateful to God for His gift of this child in our lives.

None of us can ever truly experience another’s life – her challenges, his joy, her happiness, his frustration.  What we can hope is that they trust us enough to share their insights so we can grow in understanding and wisdom.


3 comments on “A Wise Mother Shares Her World Openly

  1. Robin Tidwell
    April 2, 2013

    Reblogged this on Robin Writes.

  2. marilynslagel
    April 2, 2013

    What a beautiful post by an awesome mom. My son has schizophrenia. I’ve always been very open about it – people need to know why someone is “different.” It’s true – we only need to share to understand that others do care. God bless E. and his mom.

  3. friessa
    May 10, 2013

    This is a wonderful thought to share – I agree wholeheartedly. While sharing something like this may be hard if you are the parent sharing it (some people may not react positively), I think it is best to be open and honest because it will help your child(ren) understand that they do not have to be ashamed or try to hide something that is not considered ‘normal’.
    As parents, we find out who our true friends are when we share difficulties we have, because they are the ones who stick with us and don’t back away out of fear or lack of understanding.
    Thanks again!

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