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Snow Fall

And so the snow begins to fall – again.

My first thoughts are of frustration and sadness.  So tired of snow and ice and IMGP2550sleet and gray.  So tired of bundling up just to get the newspaper or the mail.  So tired of getting in a cold car and not being satisfied with how quickly the heater works.

Then I actually look at the snow fall.  watching the wind blow the snowflakes around the sky and down onto all the neighborhood lawns.  Unlike rain which has a steady beat that lulls me to sleep, or severe winds that creep into my spine and deny me a good night’s sleep, the snow fall has no sound.  It varies from a rapid, rain-like descent, to a meandering, graceful downward dance .  I can quickly get lost in time watching it fall, and fall, and fall.

IMGP3225I imagine this is God’s way of saying, it’s time to slow down a little and reflect on the wonder of life, on the blessings I have, and the prayers I need to say.

I am so grateful to have a warm home from which to view this latest snow fall.  It’s helpful to know that while they are not both in this house at this time, they are both safe and warm.  I’m very glad I am able to be home and not out on the road battling the traffic and challenges of travel in the snow.

I pray for the first responders and road crews who are also very weary of this weather and all the resulting challenges they must deal with each time it snows.  May they do their work, keep us safe and return home in one piece.

I also pray for those who have no home and no job.  I can’t imagine what they must be facing especially at this time.  I know how quickly the cold invades my car when I turn it off to save gas while waiting to pick up one of the kids – and that’s after only a few minutes.  Living on the streets, or in a car, means not being able to escape from the cold.  May they find shelter from this storm.  If pride or fear are keeping them from asking for help, may they move past those emotions and understand that it takes great strength to ask for and accept assistance.

And so the snow continues to fall.  Fast and steady.  Cold and light.  Beautiful and challenging.IMGP3251


One comment on “Snow Fall

  1. Selina
    February 10, 2014

    Thanks Kathy for this beautiful reflection on the snow falls·
    I hope all is well with you·

    God bless!

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