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Color Filled and Walking Together

Dear Lord –

We are Your children. We need guidance and counseling. We often act in a manner that does not give You the full glory and praise You want or deserve.

We allow ourselves to become divided and suspicious of each other. How can we be suspicious and hateful of Your other children? You created us all and love us all.

We should not be color blind, but color filled. Colors on the CliffWe need to embrace all the beautiful colors in Your world. You created us in so many beautiful shades. Our shades are so individualized that we can only come close to recreating them in paint, crayons, chalk and oils. The closest we come in recreation is when we begin to mix multiple colors together. No two of us are exactly alike in our looks, mannerisms or thoughts. We are a spectrum of color reflecting Your beauty.

It is not beneficial that we ignore each other’s color, or presence, or background, or circumstance. We must find joy in our similarities and take time to understand our differences. For in each of us is You. And through that Rainbow through the Treesunderstanding comes growth and wisdom. How boring life would be if we were all exactly alike. You gave us our similarities and differences. You knew they would help us and challenge us. Give us the strength and patience and insight to look at these similarities first, so we can share our differences with an open mind and heart.

Just as a polished jewel has many facets, which highlight the beauty of the gem, so we each have a different facet or insight about life in this world. All of these facets give the gem its glow and value. Help us to treasure these Sunset Colorsfacets to increase our awareness and understanding of You and this world.

So, let us once again raise our voices in praise of You and all You have blessed us with each day. Let us join our hands as we walk on this journey together as Your family. Let us work as one people, building each other up and fulfilling Your charge to love one another.



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