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While I have lived, worked and traveled throughout the United States, I am a Midwestern child.  I love living in the Midwest.  If a fad from one of the coasts lasts long enough to arrive in the Midwest, I believe it is a trend or a lasting change.  If it doesn’t survive long enough to make it to the Midwest, why bother?  We’re not averse to change; we just want to make sure the change is worth the effort.  There is a reason we are called America’s Heartland.

Life is fascinating.  People and their kindness, compassion, ignorance, disdain, support, hypocrisy, creativity and perseverance continue to amaze me.  The wonder and beauty of God’s creations often make me stop in appreciation.

I have written and discussed all of these things for most of my life as a student, a journalist, a communications professional and an active participant in this world of ours.  For what they’re worth, I want to share my observations.

I believe a good conversation is full of a variety of insights.  So, if you like what you read here, please share your thoughts (and share a link to this blog with others).  If you don’t like what you read here, please share your thoughts, also.  All I ask is that your comments remain civil and respectful – there is no need to resort to crass, insulting comments.  Intelligent people do not have to resort to swearing and name calling.

I hope you have an amazing day full of wonder and joy!

Kathy Reznikov


2 comments on “About

  1. gerarddemarigny
    July 17, 2012

    I feel like I can actually breathe your fresh Midwestern air on this site, Kathy. Very nicely done! c”,)

    Continued Blessings,

  2. gemmautting
    February 4, 2013

    Greetings, I stumbled upon your blog thanks to a comment I saw at Parenting and Stuff. It feels so good to reach out and connect with others who care about communication, both the “what” we share and the “how” we share it. I too love the fresh, real Midwestern identity you enjoy. Cheers!, Gemma

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